As an organization with social concern, our mission is to uplift mankind & society and spread happiness in their life through the pursuit of Education, Social Services & medical facilities at the highest of excellence. We at SHAPE involve the people of India in the process of development of Education, Healthcare and Environment, to achieve the following objectives:

  • To care for and strive for improvement of physical mental and social health of people in general and the poverty striker, deprived and weaker sections of the society, in particular
  • To organize health camp and activities in urban, semi-urban, rural and backward areas.
  • To provide primary health care facilities with focus on women and children and to launch awareness and clinical programs for prevention of drug addiction, AIDS and other forms of communicable diseases.
  • To undertake all kind of health related and other relief work especially relating to flood relief, drought relief during epidemic or natural calamity etc.
  • To protect natural wealth such as clean and abundant water supply, clean air to breath, good cultivable land, ample forest and animal (both domestic and wild life) wealth.
  • To implement population, education and family welfare programs and to encourage small families and spacing of children through female literacy, women’s employment, immunization and mother and child care programs.
  • To take up effective but reasonable and lawful steps for the eradication of social evils such as dowry system, use of intoxicated drugs, child marriage (Bal Vivah) and child labour etc.
  • Society shall be always ready to provide social justice and respect for women empowerment.
  • To improve the lot of slum dwellers through up gradation of sites and services especially sanitary, health care facilities etc, and resettlements.
  • To Protect conserve and regenerate natural resources and environment.
  • To promote literacy, cultural and other social activities by awareness programs, adult education, classes, lectures, essay competitions, exhibitions, symposiums, cultural programs. Press conference and seminars.
  • To provide free/confessionals education to the hopeless poor and needy children specially to the handicapped children.
  • To organize seminar on social justice, education and economical upliftment to raise demands for legal rights and privileges for the SC/ST, minority community and other people who belong to backward classes.
  • To ensure benefits of the schemes of government and international bodies reach the beneficiaries.